The Opus-Two Instrument Control system allows the following console features “out of the box” (no special programming or magic required):

  • Combination Action (250 memory levels, each with individually settable ranges/masks)
  • Ability to handle many keyboards including second touch
  • Transposer (+/- 7 Semitones by default)
  • Built-In Record/Playback Sequencer (up to 3000+ tracks stored on a uSD card)
  • Fully functioning MIDI In, Out, Thru (completely programmable)
  • Lit Reversible Pushbottons can be controlled (no need for external cards)
  • 4 Sforzandos
  • Piston Sequencer
  • Virtually unlimited number of stops can be controlled
  • Virtually unlimited number of indicator lights can be driven


These features and many more and performed REAL TIME, without the need of a computer core.  The only competing systems that even come close to these features rely on “black boxes” (IE computer cores).  The Opus-Two system does not need external hardware to perform any of its functions.

Opus-Two is fully customizable.  Many systems have been implemented with custom code to complete various functions – even custom display interfaces.  If a customer is not comfortable custom-created their own interfaces through code, we gladly will do this for them.  Simply reach out to us and tell us what you want!



Special features can be easily created on site by using the JAL programming language.  For example, two schools of thought exist on what a “Great to Pedal” coupler should do.  One school says that it should toggle the “Great to Pedal 8” back and forth (only).  The other method will turn off the 8 and 4 on first press (if one of them is on), and on the second press turn on the 8 only.  This alternative function is very easily accomplished with simple logic statements in the configuration file.

Using simple logic statements, features such as memory lockouts, blind functions, external triggering of events, etc. are all very easily created on site.