Opus-Two Integrated Control System

The Opus-Two Integrated Control System is what this site site focuses on in majority, and is what the majority of clients use the majority of the time.  This means that one system is providing Combination Action, Console Scanning, and Pipe Relaying.


Opus-Two Stand-Alone Products

The Opus-Two Stand-Alone Products allow existing organs that are not equipped with the Opus-Two ICS to have access to some of the features offered in the Integrated Control System (ICS).

Almost any product can be custom-built to incorporate any desired features.  More common items include:

It is possible to replace an organ’s control system in stages – chamber relays in each chamber (one at a time), stand-alone coupler boards, and then a combination action.  When all these components are installed, the various components can be linked together via the RS-High Speed Bus and eliminate the mass of wire normally associated with a relay.

Coupler Boards can supply chambers with full stop and keying via the RS bus.  Combination Actions can supply stop states via the RS bus.  Chamber relays can read them separately and combine the information.

The Opus-Two Stand-Alone Products aren’t just a perfect solution to a problem – they are an investment in the future of the instrument.