The Opus-Two Stand-Alone Products allow existing organs that are not equipped with the Opus-Two ICS to have access to some of the features offered in the Integrated Control System (ICS).

The Crescendo-Tutti Unit (CTU for short) includes a dedicated VFD display and all necessary software/hardware to make the functions work with ANY control system.  The Stop Sense/Input Polarity can be changed on the fly, the device supports positive-common and negative-common stop controls, and has built in reversible engines should pistons (or momentary buttons) be used to turn the tuttis on or off.

Detailed installation instructions are included to assist the organ builder with product installation.  The cards come panel-mounted and pre-wired – simply wire the senses and supply power.  The display unit connects back to the junction panel with our legendary 3 wire connection.

The Crescendo-Tutti Unit can be purchased online or from any Opus-Two Dealer.