The Opus-Two Stand-Alone Products allow existing organs that are not equipped with the Opus-Two ICS to have access to some of the features offered in the Integrated Control System (ICS).

The Key-Coupler Unit (KCU for short) includes a dedicated VFD display and all necessary software/hardware to make the function work with ANY control system.  All Keying Input Polarities can be individually changed on the fly, the device has a built in reversible engine should a piston (or momentary button) be used to turn included functions on or off.  These units can include Pedal Divide, Manual Divide, Auto Melody (Selectable Source/Destination), Auto Pedal (Selectable Source), Pizzicato Couplers, and much more.  Each Divide Position used is stored in a set of stops in the existing combination action.  Only 8 stop spaces are needed in the general memory to store all the features of each divide function on general pistons (feature on/off and position).

Detailed installation instructions are included to assist the organ builder with product installation.  The cards come panel-mounted and pre-wired – simply wire the keying and supply power.  The display unit connects back to the junction panel with our legendary 3 wire connection.

Key-Coupler Units are all custom made for the application.  Contact us for details.